Student Government Constitution




The name of this organization shall be the Beckman High School Student Government.


The purpose of this council shall be: To represent all students of Beckman High School, to develop harmonious relationships between Faculty, Students, and the Administration in the operation of the school, to serve as a forum of student opinion, to co-ordinate school organization and to promote the school's general welfare.


Section 1. All power invested in the Student Government is derived from the student delegation and the veto power is given to the principal and the vice principal to revoke any and all said power. If students wish to appeal that decision, the next step is the school board.

Section 2. The Student Government shall govern the entire student body in those Student council activities over which authority has been delegated by this Constitution.

Section 3. The Executive Board shall consist of the following officers:

1 .President

2. Vice-president

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

5. Commissioner of Junior Activities

6. Commissioner of Social Activities

7. Commissioner of Publications


Section 1. The President

1. Shall preside at all Executive Board and General Assembly meetings.

2. Shall conduct debate on any subject brought up at the meeting until the representatives bring said subject to vote.

3. Shall vote only in a case of a tie.

4. Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees formed by the Student Government.

5. Shall be responsible to the Administration, the Moderator of the Student Government and the School Board for all activities of the Student Council.

6. Shall be the official representative at all school sponsored activates by the Student Government.

7. Shall be general chairperson of all homecoming activities.

8. Shall co-supervise the Nominating Convention, Campaign Week, and Student Goverment Elections with the Vice President and Parliamentarian.

Section 2. The Vice President and Parliamentarian.

1. Shall preside at General Assembly and Executive Board meetings in the absence of the President.

2. Shall succeed to the Presidency in case of a vacancy of that position.

3. Shall serve as General Chairperson of all Homecoming Activities.

4. Shall act as an official host to any delegates to Beckman High School from other Student Councils (Student Council Exchange Programs.)

5. Shall be the Chairperson of any programs held at Beckman involving other Student Councils (i.e. Exchanges)


6. Shall conduct all General Assembly meetings according to Robert's Rule of Order revised.

7. Shall co-supervise the Nominating Convention, Campaign Week, and Student Government Elections with the President.

8. Shall be the official interpreter of the Constitution to and for approval of the Executive Board.

Section 3. The Secretary

1. Shall be the custodian of all Student Government documents.

a. Shall file copies of all official documents.

b. Shall keep the Student Government yearbook.

2. Shall handle all official correspondence to Beckman High School Council.

3. Shall publish an agenda for all General Assembly meetings two days in advance of each meeting and shall post it on the Student Government bulletin board.

4. Shall be responsible for a recording of the minutes of all General Assembly and Executive board meetings within two days of the last meeting.

5. Shall be responsible for checking attendance at the General Assembly meetings and shall officially notify advisories when their delegates of alternate neglect to attend.

Section 4. Treasurer

1. Shall be responsible for all Student Government funds.

2. Shall be in charge of all monetary transactions of the Student Government, including subordinate committees and organizations.

3. Shall make a financial report to the General Assembly at the first meeting of each month, and to the Moderator or Administration whenever requested.

Section 5. Executive Board

1. Shall appoint all Committee chairperson for committees formed by the Student Government and not otherwise authorized by this Constitution.

2. Shall be officially in charge of any Student Government Committee that arises throughout the school year.

3. Shall see that the qualifications of Delegates and Executive board members comply with Article V.

4. Shall dismiss delegates with three (3) unexcused absences from General Assembly meetings according to this Constitution and shall record the names of new delegates.

5. Shall see that grades specified in this constitution are maintained by all delegates and Executive Board members and shall notify the Executive Board and homeroom of delegates that do not fulfill these requirements.

6. Dismissal of Executive Board officers.

Section 6 Commissioner of Student Activities.

1. Shall organize and manage "All-School" assemblies with assistance of the Moderator.

2. Shall maintain the calendar of all Student Government activities and see that preparations are made far enough in advance of the coming events by informing those in charge of them.

3. Shall see that Student Government activities in no way conflict with other events in the school by co-ordination the Student Government calendar.

4. Shall be in charge of inviting guest speakers in for assemblies pertinent to Student Government activities.

5. Shall be responsible for the operation and organization of the election of the Parliamentary Procedure Training Course given to all Student Government members.

6. Shall be responsible for the operation an organization of the election of the Student Government delegates' elections at the beginning of the given school year. Elections shall be held no later that the first week in September.

7. Shall co-ordinate the Junior-Senior Prom.


Section 1. President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer.

1. President and Vice-president shall be a senior during his or her term of office and have more than a year of Student Government experience.

2. Secretary and Treasure shall be a Junior or Senior during term of office.

3. Shall have been a student at Beckman high School for two semesters prior to his or her term of office with the exception of the first year.

4. May not hold more than one other office.

Section 2. CommissionerofActivitiesandPublications

1. Commissioner of Activities shall be a Junior and the Commissioner of Publications shall be a sophomore during term of office.

2. Shall have been at Beckman high School for at least two semesters prior to his or her election.

Section 3. Grade Requirements for all officers

1. Shall have maintained an average of 77%

2. Shall maintain an 80% average during his or her term of office.

3. Any officer not fulfilling his grade average shall be suspended following his or her failure to maintain this grade average.

4. Re-instatement of officers will be at such a time as they are able to retain this grade average.


Section 1.

1. Each advisory shall have one delegate and one alternate elected by the advisory within the first week of September for the school year.

2. Each delegate shall be in official attendance at the General Assembly meetings: the alternates shall attend the meetings when the delegate is unable to attend.

3. The delegate shall maintain a 77% average over two marking periods in succession.

4. Any delegation not fulfilling this grade average requirement shall be suspended until such time that they are able to retain this grade average.

5. Each homeroom shall have the right of removal of the delegate and/or alternates' removal and replacement if they prove incompetent.

6. If a delegate missed three General Assembly meetings without being replaced by an authorized alternate, he will be expelled as a delegate and the Alternate shall assume the delegate's responsibilities. The homeroom will be required to elect an alternate.

Section 2.Nominations and Election of executive Board.

1 .The nomination convention should be held during the first week in April.

2. The vice-president shall be the campaign manager.

3. The president of the Student Government shall be the president of the Convention.

4. Nominees will be self-nominated for the position of their choice.

5. Each candidate must register with the Campaign Manager two weeks before

the election.

6. Each delegate shall cast his secret ballot for one nominee; the nominee with the least number of votes shall be eliminated in said manner, until two final candidates for each office remain.

7. The campaign shall not last for more than one week after the nominations.

8. All promotion campaign material must be cleared throughout the Campaign Manager.

9. The election will be held the third week in April.

10. Each candidate shall make a final speech at an assembly of the entire student body.

11. At the conclusion of the speeches, the entire student body will cast their ballots, with the balloting to be secret.

Section 3. VACANCY

1. In an event that an office shall be vacant, the General Assembly shall act as an nominating convention.

2. In all offices except the President (where the VP succeeds in event of vacancy) the General Assembly will meet within one week of the time of vacancy to accept nominations for the office. The voting is by secret ballot with the winner determined by simple majority.

3. If the grade requirement is unfulfilled, a replacement will vote according to the method employees above. He shall hold office until such a time that the previous officer retains the required grade requirements.


Section I. There shall be a meeting of the Executive Board a minimum of once a week with special meetings being called when necessary.

Section 2. There shall be a meeting of the General Assembly every other week of the month of the Academic year, unless called in special session by the president or moderator.

Section 3. Each delegate shall have one vote. The alternate shall receive the power of one vote in the General Assembly if the delegate is not present. The delegates to the General Assembly must be present to vote.

Section 4. A quorum for these members shall consist of four out of the six members of the Executive Board.

Section 5. The moderator of the Student Government need not be present at the meetings but must receive a detailed report of the meeting from the President or the Secretary.

Section 6 All meetings shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order--revised, except those meetings otherwise stated in this constitution.

Section 7. There shall be a homeroom meeting within a week after a General Assembly, with the delegates reading the minutes and taking the suggestions from the respective homerooms.


Section 1. The president and/or treasurer may spend up to $200 without the consent of the General Assembly. The executive board will have the power to spend up to $200 without the consent of the General Assembly, but only with the Moderator's consent. A report of such expenditures of Student Government must be made on the Treasurer's report at the next meeting of the General Assembly.

Section 2. All expenditures of the Student Government funds, unless otherwise stated in the Constitution, must be approved by a simple majority vote of the General Assembly.

Section 3. During the summer months when the General Assembly is not in session, the executive board will have the power of the General Assembly. Necessary expenditures which cannot wait until the return of the General Assembly, and exceeds $200, the moderator may give permission to suspend the rules and make the expenditure. This should be exercised only when a serious reason exists.


Section 1. An officer is liable of impeachment if he or she violates a major school rule-, disregards his or her duties or is guilty of neglect of duty or bad example.

Section 2. Charges can be brought against a member of the Executive Board by the General Assembly by a simple majority vote.

Section 3. Impeachment

  1. The accused shall be tried by a committee, chosen by random selection of the delegates of the General Assembly by the Executive board. The committee shall consist of an equal number of Executive board members and the General Assembly members and the Principal. In matters of personal nature of the decision would rest with the Moderator and the Principal.
  2. If the committee is to decide it shall consist of no less than 10 members and no more than sixteen.
  3. Each member shall have one vote: two-thirds majority rules.
  4. A written letter stating the reasons for the Impeachment shall be a part of the Trial and shall be read to the defendant. The defendant does have the night to read the letter himself.


Section 1. Standing and special committees may be organized as necessary by the President.

Section 2. All committees other than those specified in this constitution must be approved by a simple majority of the Executive Board.


Section 1. An amendment to this constitution shall be proposed by a General Assembly member and must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Board or a petition of twenty percent of the Student Body to the General Assembly before it will be considered before the delegates on the floor.

Section 2. An amendment shall become part of this constitution by a three-fourths majority vote of the General Assembly and the approval of the moderator and the Principal.

Section 3. This constitution shall be ratified by a simple majority of the Student Body.

All changes approved as of May 1997, by the Student Council.

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